When homeowner’s list their property for sale, price is usually the first priority on their list, followed closely by timelines. How long will it take to sell? How long of a completion?

Imagine you’re car shopping and you drive by an auto dealership where the cars are dusty and windows are streaky or dirty. Would you be inclined to stop in there to check out the vehicles? Or would you go to the car lot across the street where you can see the sun glistening off the clean and polished vehicles?

Houses may not glisten in the sunshine but a home with a clean exterior and windows along with manicured gardens and lawns will certainly create the impression your home is well cared for, inside and out.

Here are a few tips for your consideration when preparing your home for sale:

1] If needed, an exterior paint (wood surfaces) is an investment that will pay big dividends.

2] Power washing; exterior surfaces, garage doors, porches and decks, driveways, sidewalks.

3] Yard maintenance:  Remove dead bushes, branches, shrubs and trees. Manicure or cut back overgrown bushes and trees.  Ideally remove trees or large shrubs that block windows as they darken rooms and also may take away from the house design or its look.

4] Flowers, hanging baskets and specials touches like a waterfall or wishing well in the yard will make huge impressions on buyers.

5]  Broken or neglected fences are an eyesore which in most cases can be painted or repaired for relatively little cost – something that will pay off in spades.

6]  Rock or brick walls and walkways should be cleaned and maintained in such a way that broken or missing pieces are replaced. 
In some cases, a cracked driveway can be resealed which is an important fix it project.

7]  Exterior lighting, the more the better will make your home stand out in the dark and accentuate the exterior features. And a well lit driveway and walkway to the front door projects a sense of safety.