The key objective when staging your home is to declutter and to a certain extent depersonalize It. You want potential buyers to envision your home in ‘their mind’s eye’ with their personal décor and furnishings.

A professional stager can set the right emotional mood for potential buyers while focusing primarily on the kitchen, dining, family and living rooms in addition to the master bedroom. The stager starts the process by meeting with the Sellers at their home, introducing their services and explaining how and why they do what they do. Once the Sellers give the stager the green light to proceed, they will tour the house and the stager will make suggestions, recommendations and tips which will be followed by a hard copy report.

This report will include; reorganizing furniture placement, changing drapes or curtains, in many cases changing wall (paint) colors, modernizing lighting, cleaning or replacing carpets and/or rugs and decluttering the entire house.

Let’s not forget the house exterior and yard. Neat and clean are two key words here. Trim hedges, trees and bushes and remove any outside clutter. Power washing sidewalks and driveways is also something that can spruce up a home although not normally considered an area where a stager would advise a homeowner on, it often comes up in the conversation.

Depending on the Sellers, they can choose to do the work themselves and hire tradespeople if necessary or they can retain the services of the stager, who in most cases will be able to hire the contractors and tradespeople to do the work. When seeking a home stager, be sure to call around and if possible get referrals to ensure a pleasant and successful staging!